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With initial appointments, follow-up consultations, tests and referrals to up to six different allied health care providers, management of chronic diseases such as diabetes can be a full time job, and places an enormous strain on an already very sick person and their families.

Dedicated to you and your well-being, The Family & Diabetic GP Clinic provides an innovative alternative to those seeking it - where providers undertake a shared approach to optimised patient care, improving the life of those with diabetes or at risk of diabetes.  


·      One-stop GP clinic for diabetes care

·      Offering the latest technologies and therapies

·      In-house pump-starts/upgrades/transitions

·      Continuous glucose monitoring

·      Diabetic Retinopathy Screening (Eye test)

·      Efficient & convenient for patients

We are North Queensland's first one-stop GP Clinic - doctors & allied health essential to the prevention and care of diabetes, all under one roof! 

The Family & The Diabetic GP Clinic is a locally-owned and family-run practice, consisting of a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses and allied health practitioners - all with the key focus on the prevention and care of diabetes. 

-    We believe in the future of primary health care, filled with exciting and innovative treatment options. 

Committed to delivering exceptional clinical care to patients and the North Queensland community,  the clinic uses an evidence-based, team management approach to help diabetics self-manage their diabetes more effectively and prevent complications.  Our coordinated, managed partnerships with select offsite specialists and support organisations ensures that our patients have access to the most complete and knowledgeable care they need.

Diabetes Focused GPs and Nursing Staff

The Family and The Diabetic GP Clinic has a team of highly experienced male and female vocationally registered General Practitioners (GPs) who pride themselves on delivering quality, comprehensive medical care to our patients and their families in an environment that is professional and patient focused.

Our clinic provides a convenient place for regular checkups, acute care, wellness and condition management, and health education.

Hand-picked Team

Allied health professionals essential to the management of diabetes and other chronic diseases have been hand-picked from across the country to join the team. We're proud to offer our patients the convenience of onsite professionals and the latest in technology, treatments and lifestyle advice.

On-site Pathology

With QML Pathology taking up residence on-site to offer their full list of services as well as specialised diabetes blood tests, our patients have the convenience of undergoing all consultations and tests within the same appointment, within the same clinic!  

Read on in the Our Team section above to see how each of our health professionals is here just for you.

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