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A Diabetes Educator is a specialist in not only diabetes, but also people. They are health professionals who have completed further study to focus their efforts on helping you manage your diabetes effectively and prevent complications.  Diabetes Educators work closely with your doctor, combining knowledge and know-how to support and motivate you in making informed decisions about your health.  They are often the first point of call at diagnosis and essential in ongoing reviews. 

At the Diabetic GP Clinic, our diabetes educators are credentialed - meaning they've undergone extra training and assessment in order to better help our patients.  Focusing on your individual needs, they help with information and tips on lifestyle, healthy diet, regular exercise and medication management.  They're schooled up on the latest in technologies - like bluetooth blood glucose meters and insulin pumps - to help make self-management easier. 

 Our Credentialed Diabetes Educator Candice Cummins also provides a handy link to other health professionals. With an in-depth knowledge on all aspects of diabetes she can recognise when you need to see other members of your health care team for example, a podiatrist, dietitian or an optometrist. She strives for all patients to be connected and engaged, armed with the latest information. She is here just for you. 

Medicare assists with a rebate for seeing a diabetes educator under certain care plans. See your doctor for more information. Private healthcare insurance may also cover some costs, so check with your individual health fund too.



Psychology is the study of behaviour and the mind, embracing all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience as well as thought.

Everyone deals with the diagnosis of Diabetes differently. Some quite easily take on board all the information and make the necessary lifestyle changes. However for others it’s not so simple; for some a diagnosis is frustrating and overwhelming. People do not want to be seen as being different. People may struggle with dietary changes and what is perceived as healthy is different to what they have always thought.

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be a major life stress. A psychologist can help you deal with some of the mental challenges it poses such as grief, denial, anxiety, depression, shame and guilt.  They form an integral part of your health care and increase your support system.

A psychologist can help you manage these challenges by focusing on what diabetes means to you and helping you to take responsibility for your health and embrace your diabetes treatments as central to that health. 


Visits to a psychologist can be eligible for a rebate as part of your diabetic care  plan initiated by your GP.   Private health insurance may also cover some of the cost of these visits  - so check with your health fund if you have one or come in and see us today.



Dietitians are a valuable resource in your effort to keep diabetes and your weight in control, but many people overlook them.  A healthy diet is the first step to a healthy life, and is essential to diabetes management as it can help control blood glucose (sugar) levels and achieve a healthy weight. In Type 1 diabetes, diet plays an even greater role; matching insulin doses to the carbohydrate in the food we eat means Type 1 diabetics need to know how to plan their food, insulin and activity with even greater precision. 

A dietitian can help you set up a meal plan tailored to your individual needs and tastes,  teach you how to count carbohydrate in your food, control portion sizes and watch your calorie intake. 

Dietitians also works closely with our GPs to make sure your medication regime works in harmony with your diet.   Together, you'll work to develop a diet that keeps your blood sugar in control, but is also appealing enough that you can stick to it.  
Medicare may provide a rebate on Dietitians’ fees under some care plans if referred by your GP.  You may also receive a rebate from your private health fund if you have one, depending on the type of cover you have.



An exercise physiologist is an allied health professional who specialises in assisting patients with a medical condition through exercise.  They have a wide range of knowledge and skills that can support you, both mentally and physically.
If you have diabetes, or are at risk, exercise plays an important part in keeping you healthy.  The right exercise can help your body to:

·      use insulin better
·      maintain a healthy weight
·      lower your blood pressure
·      reduce your risk of heart disease
·      reduce stress

An exercise physiologist can teach you how to effectively lower your blood sugar levels, improve your strength, increase your fitness and control your weight.

Medicare assist with rebates for seeing an exercise physiologist if certain care plans are initiated by your GP. Private health insurance may also cover some of the cost of these visits  - so check with your health fund if you have one or come in and see us today.



Podiatry is the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and management of problems to the lower limbs, ankle and feet.  We don't think about it much but it's important to take care of your feet.  Foot care is essential for people who have Diabetes, and annual check-ups are extremely important. Diabetics are more at risk of nerve damage, poor circulation and have a higher risk of infection to the feet. Your risk of developing foot ulcers and amputation is  also increased.

A podiatrist can diagnose, treat and rehabilitate your feet and help prevent complications. They will work closely with our GPs to provide comprehensive holistic healthcare services and ensure best outcome for your foot health.  

Our feet are our most used form of transport and over a life time we will walk more than 128,000 km on them. That's like walking 3 times around the world! So, take the right step and speak to one of our doctors or Mayumi today to find out how we can best assist you with a podiatry plan to maintain your mobility and foot health.

Podiatry costs can be subsidised by a Medicare rebate if certain care plans are organised by your GP.  Ask us if you're eligible today! 

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