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Dr Rosalind Hiddins has undertaken additional training in Women’s Health and is qualified in Intrauterine Device insertion/removal.


Below, Dr Ros answers some common questions and gives some further information about IUDs. 


What is an IUD?


IUD stands for Intrauterine device – it is a very effective form of contraception that works for 5 years.


There are different types depending on patient preferences and I am trained in all types – Mirena, Kyleena, Copper IUD. 


As I understand, there only a handful of GPs in Townsville trained to insert these.


What is the process to get an IUD?

  • You will need to book in with me for an initial consultation

  • An initial appointment will be required even if you have been referred by another doctor at another practice. 

  • I will have to check to ensure patients are safe for the procedure and have completed necessary investigations, consent form, etc.

  • I will instruct you, the patient, that you will need to take pain relief prior to the procedure and will need to have someone drive you home afterwards.

  • You will need to attend an appointment for the procedure.

  • After the procedure you will be asked to wait in the waiting room for 15mins after for monitoring by our nursing staff.

  • You will then require a follow-up appointment with me 3 weeks after the procedure for a check-up and to ensure that everything is going well.


How much will the procedure cost?


As I have had to undertake extra training and the procedure does involve dedicated Nursing staff, I am not able to offer this procedure as a bulk-billed procedure – even to our First Nations patients.


After the relevant Medicare rebates, as the patient, you will be $278 out of pocket for the procedure. 

Standard consultation fees will apply for the initial consultation and Post-procedure consultations.


*NB – some patients may require pregnancy testing – there will be the standard out of pocket fee if this is required.

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