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It all started when...

The Diabetic GP Clinic (as it was formally known) began as an idea hatched by a patient in a doctor's waiting room. What you mightn't know is that the patient was Dr Kenny Clark - a GP and a Type 1 diabetic. 

(You could say it all started back in the early 90's, with a freckled face swimming prodigy and a diagnosis that would change his life forever.  But without getting into a long story (and Dr Kenny tells it better anyway) we'll jump to the nearer past. 

As a patient, Kenny was frustrated with the challenges of the traditional health system and the difficulties faced by people (particularly diabetics) in regional communities to access healthcare.  As a doctor, he empathised with patients who were struggling to manage their health amidst complicated advice, a laundry list of appointments, therapies and medication, and a disjointed support network.

He dreamt of a clinic that was truly built for the patient. That could provide access to evidence-based healthcare across disciplines, continuity of care and a central point of contact to check in for support and information. That could make a difference every day to everyday patients and help more people like him navigate the health system and manage their chronic illness.

He looked to his experience as a young doctor in the UK, and the resources around him for inspiration. Over the next nine years he studied clinic models and observed practitioners, patients and outcomes. He spoke with specialists, community health services and motivational psychologists. He leaned on experts and industry contacts, and used himself as a test case. If he - as a trained GP with access, knowledge and support could still find difficulty, there needed to be another way. 

By now having completed his specialist training as a GP, he realised he was in a unique position to bring a new model of  primary care to North Queensland.  As a diabetic, a focus on diabetes seemed an obvious choice - and it couldn't be more urgent with over 1.2 million Australians suffering from the chronic disease and the sixth highest cause of death in the country.

He pulled together what he knew, and what he knew he needed. Not long after of course,

The Diabetic GP Clinic was born.

An exceptional primary care clinic with a multi-disciplinary team of doctors and allied health providers under the one roof, all working together to optimise outcomes for each and every patient. 

Unlike the current referral-based system which relies on patient compliance, service availability and cooperation between numerous external health professionals, The Family and The Diabetic GP Clinic is a "one-stop shop" for diabetes. It makes its business providing personalised healthcare to patients with services essential for the prevention and management of diabetes and weight management - and vital to stem the exploding type 2 diabetes epidemic across North Queensland.  

At a glance,  you'll find 

·      General Practitioners 

·      Practice nurses

·      Credentialed Diabetes Educators

·      Dietitian

·      Exercise Physiologist

·      Psychologist

·      On-site Pathology

And it doesn't stop there. We're studied up on the latest in technology, treatments and lifestyle advice. We're trialling innovative approaches to integrative care - where our team of health care professionals connect and engage to coordinate care and work on the best management plans for our patients. Our Team Care approach keeps everyone up to date, informed on each patient's progress and better able to help individualise care.

Whilst the Clinic certainly has a strong focus on diabetes medicine, as a family practice we're well-equipped to deliver comprehensive and holistic primary health care for the entire family.   So much so that the Clinic is now home to 9 well regarded GPs and has expanded and rebranded – The Family & The Diabetic GP Clinic.

At The Family and The Diabetic GP Clinic, we believe community access to excellent health care is vital. We’ve brought together a team of individuals from across the country to ensure the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of health services for diabetics and the North Queensland community.

There isn’t a single member of our team who isn’t devoted to achieving this goal.

For more information about our services and our team, explore the site or come in and see why we're revolutionising health care in North Queensland.

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